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Let’s Play!


We are two sisters who have always had a knack for playing games, being active, and brainstorming new ideas. Growing up, we spent endless hours rebounding any kind of ball against every wall we could find.


It sparked the start of our careers as multi-sport athletes and carried our passion for playing into our careers in high school, college, and recreational leagues. 


Having raised our own kids, we have experienced the world of organized youth sports. We have been a part of the high cost travel leagues, seen signs of burnout and exhaustion often displayed in sports, and witnessed the inability to receive instant feedback and measurement in skill trainings. 


As parents, we always want what’s best for our kids, and have tried to buy equipment to help better their game and also bring them joy. However, finding something that works efficiently, independently, and is enjoyable has always been a struggle.  


Therefore, we created something that we always wish we could have had! The World First Interactive and Portable Sports Performance Wall.


Shelley Sandbulte-Timmer, Pam Sandbulte-Meitzler

PlayOff Trademark Banner

PlayOff is the ultimate sports practice tool for athletes of any age that want to practice solo. The perfect way to cut out the expensive gym or club and practice at home. Tennis, soccer, volleyball, handball, racquetball, hockey, softball, baseball, pickleball, wall ball, you name it, you can play it. 

The portable sportswall stands an enormous 6’ by 8’ and is ideal for use in your driveway, backyard, nearby field and even indoor facility. Its features include an adjustable tilt and rebound strength so nearly any shot can be taken. Its rolling wheels and interlocking brace system and anchors allow unprecedented strength and stability for even the roughest shots.  


The wall pairs with our proprietary Bluetooth target and app software.

The PlayOff app keeps track of player progress and can be used to play games with friends anywhere in the world!

It’s a Game Changer. 


Join us in bringing this breakthrough product to market!

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