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Happy Fourth of July!

Dear friends, I want to dispel some myths surrounding anxiety in teens so this blog category is focused on Myth Busting. The first myth is one that is prominent and is false, so let's be brave and meet it head-on.

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Myth 1: Anxiety will go away with time.

Reality: Anxiety can often persist or worsen if not addressed. Ignoring it doesn't make it disappear.  

The majority of teens who experience anxiety continue to have symptoms into adulthood.

Parents below are some tips for you if you are concerned for your teen.

Tips for parents: 

  • Pay attention to what your child is experiencing. 

  • Be aware that their feelings are very real to them, even if they don’t make sense to you.

  • Stay calm when your child becomes anxious. If they see that you are relaxed, it may help them to calm down. Rather than getting angry or frustrated, show compassion and understanding.

  • Recognize and celebrate a teen’s achievements and their courage in facing anxiety.

  • Don’t use punishment in an attempt to curtail anxiety; this is not useful or effective.

  • Change your expectations during periods of high stress, such as during standardized testing or before events that you know will make your child anxious.

  • If you take your teen to a mental health professional, be sure to let them know of any suspicions you may have of substance abuse or other harmful behaviors. Mental health professionals can provide anxiety-management tools and interventions.

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